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Discover sober & sober-friendly spots

Sober Space is your go-to sober travel concierge. By browsing a curated list of sober and sober-friendly spots on the app, you won’t have to spend an overwhelming amount of time searching for places to go.

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Explore our curated list of sober & sober-friendly activities, events, bars, and restaurants

We do the heavy lifting so you can plan your trip with ease. Why spend hours searching through multiple sites for a handful of sober-friendly things to do when you can just hop on Sober Space and have it all filtered for you.


Create your own profile and keep track of your organized favorites

Your profile showcases your location, days sober, career, and an about me section.

A section displays your public check-ins & favorited places and all the interest you selected.

You can opt to keep certain things private, including your entire profile

Connect with friends & share spots where you can go together

Chat with friends or make new ones in your geographic area or the city where you'll be traveling.

Find a place you like? Send an invite directly to your friend.

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