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Sober Space was created for people who want to experience life and travel without using substances.

Here at Sober Space, we individually collect a curated list of things to do that don’t revolve around alcohol or drugs including restaurants, bars, and nightlife. We know first-hand how time consuming it is to search through multiple sites just to find only a few places that have alcohol-free options…that don’t include soda!


Meet the Founder:

Hannah Dordick

"I have been in recovery from drugs for 10 years and alcohol-free for around 3.5 years. Through all that time, I was big on trying new things to do and finding new places to explore because I had cut out my main hobby. So, I scoured the internet daily to find stuff to do. I tried it all: boxing, circus arts, go-go dancing. You name it I’ve probably dabbled in it.


When I quit alcohol, I was back to searching the internet for restaurants and bars that had alcohol-free options where I could go with my friends. During my first year being alcohol-free, I was already tired of spending hours searching for places, and decided to create a system that would be less time consuming. If I was having trouble finding sober-friendly places, then others were too.

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