Our Mission

Creating a brand new environment in recovery is a crucial step to staying on track. That includes finding new like-minded friends as well as sober-friendly spots all right in your area. Our goal is to create a tool that makes entering sobriety and sustaining it a whole lot easier. With our new features coming soon, Sober Space will be even more inclusive of all recovery pathways along with those at any stage of their recovery.


Our Story

Getting sober means you get to create a new life.


That means finding hobbies to fill your time with, finding sober-friendly things to do for the weekend, and looking for friends that don’t revolve their lives around drugs or alcohol.


All of that is really overwhelming.


When our founder Hannah started her journey, she was lost on where to even look for all of these things. It took up a lot of time, caused a lot of stress, and she continued to have the most trouble with finding sober friends.


This is why Sober Space was created, to make that part of your new sober life so much easier.

Meet the Founder

Hey! I'm  Hannah Dordick and I have been in recovery from drugs for 8 years now.


When I started my journey there weren’t online communities or sober instagram.


I had to search my way through google to find stuff to do with all my new free time now that I wasn’t partying.


I didn’t go to AA or NA so meeting people, especially like-minded sober people, was that much harder.


Over the past 8 years my process for finding things got easier, the sober online space grew, but yet I still have trouble meeting people.


I created Sober Space because it won’t only help you, it’ll help me too!

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