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NYC Date Night Spots

French Flair

Transport yourself to Paris for the evening and explore the seasonal French dishes prepared by Chef Marie-Aude Rose. From stellar crepes to heartier fare like boeuf bourguignon, you can feast on classic, everyday French cuisine. Le Mercerie is located inside the Roman and Williams Guild in Soho, which is a design emporium that sells the artisanal dinnerware and pieces used in the restaurant. Be sur to try out their brunch too!

What to Expect: They have multiple NA cocktails and two NA wines. Make a reservation because table book a week out!

Romantic Vibes

Intimate and gothic, the interior at Foul Witch creates a great spot for date night. The new East Village restaurant says it offers spooky Italian fare that is “a haunt for the senses.” Italian dishes from a wood-burning oven run the gamut and the appetizers are super popular. While there’s no pizza, diners say the bread is to die for!

What to Expect: They have St. Agrestis Phoney Negroni and Buzz Ginger Beer. Be sure to make a reservation at this popular spot!

Gorgeous Setting

Thai food lovers need to head over to Thai Villa in Union Square and taste amazing dishes rarely served outside of Thailand! They have the classics you expect like Pad Thai and Tom Yum, but also sophisticated, lesser-known dishes that were made for Thai royalty in generations past. The interior is like an exotic forest with a canopy of gilded leaves.

What To Expect: They offer a non-alcoholic cocktail list. Thai Villa doesn’t take reservations for dinner so waits on Friday and Saturday night can stretch to an hour or two.

Solid Italian Classics

Brooklyn’s LaRina is a gem of a restaurant where pasta – gluten-free and regular -- is the star. It’s house-made with Italian flour and is the base for all the classic dishes you’d expect. Located in a cozy former carriage house, there’s a fireplace going on cold nights. LaRina also has a back patio that is a magical place to have dinner on a warm evening.

What to Expect: They have two NA cocktails and Athletic Brewing, Run Wild Non-Alcoholic IPA. Reservations are highly recommended

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