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Pub Crawl…But Make it Bakeries

Make your way along this tasty route through New York City’s East Village.

Danish with a Twist

Start your crawl at this Cooper Square gem that’s described as having “Middle Eastern roots and Danish technique.” Think flaky pastry combined with unexpected flavors that come together in divine treats. Visitors love the pistachio rose croissants, bagels with labneh and Lumee babka flavored with Persian lime and lemon curd. Delish! Librae also has your favorite coffees and a variety of lattes. Try the pistachio cardamom latte…

What to expect: This place is super popular and the line can be long but it moves quickly. Some items are only available at certain times – like the Egg Sando – so check out the menu online.

French Flair

If you’re craving a taste of Paris then your next stop at Le Fournil will take care of that. Flaky

croissants, authentic macaron and sumptuous pastries await you here. This bakery also has bread – fresh baguettes!! – and sandwiches along with hot and cold teas and coffees. People love the French vibe and the croissants in particular. There’s also a little grocery section with favorite French food product imports.

What to expect:  Visitors say there are some gluten-free baked goods but not breads.

Southeast Asian Sweets

Whether you’re new to Southeast Asian sweets or have been a long-time fan, the next stop will be your go-to: Lady Wong Patisserie. This bakery and dessert shop are stocked full of vibrant sweets with Asian flavors along with roll cakes, cake slices and tarts. The sought-after Malaysian Chinese angku kuih are iconic tortoise-shaped pastries of vibrant red that are sold every weekend. There are also plenty of treats that fuse East and West in innovative tastes and forms.

What to expect: You can order many of Lady Wong’s specialties online for pick-up. If you find yourself in Midtown, you can still get your hands on these yummy treats at the Urban Hawker at 135 W 50th St.

Cult Fave Coffee & Cardamom Buns

La Cabra is a top-tier Danish coffee roaster but its East Village outpost is already a cult favorite, says Eater. The minimalist space offers up everything from ethereal ham and cheese croissants to seasonal choux, a variety of tarts and traditional Danish breads. The top of everyone’s list, however, is the Swedish cardamom bun, considered a must-eat at this bakery. And, since the brand is known for its coffee expertise, so if it’s your thing, you have to order some.

What to expect: Lines can snake out the door at times and the cardamom buns do sell out. Sometimes bakers will be producing another batch, but you might be out of luck later in the day and have to come back another time, darn it!

Pastry Puffs to Die For

You’ll find plenty of French pastry standards at Petit Chou, but the star of the show is the range of treats made from choux pastry. The bakery’s focus is on this dough that forms the basis of eclairs, cream puffs and profiteroles. With a wide variety of flavors and colorful options, this is not your basic cream puff! Visitors rave about the marvelous textures and flavors – and friendly service.

What to expect: Petit Chou makes delectable croissants, but you’ll have to go early before they sell out.

Vegan Delights for Everyone

Whether you follow a vegan diet or not, Confectionery! has chocolates and baked goods to satisfy your sweet cravings. The store is a collaboration between two upstate vegan businesses -- Sweet Maresa's and Lagusta's Luscious -- and customers are the winners with all this yumminess in one place. Baked goods include several gluten-free options and the wide range of chocolates is divine – either for yourself or as a gift.

What to expect:  While Confectionery! is open every day, you can also order online for pick up or delivery.

The Route:

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