Sober Space is an app for sober and sober-curious femmes, non-binary folks, and women to build friendships and connect with local sober-friendly spots.

Not only can you connect with like-minded people but we help you find things to do and places to go that don’t revolve around drugs or alcohol.

Imagine if...

You had more friends that share the same sober lifestyle as you.

You’re able to find things to do and places to go with ease.

You don’t have to go to things alone, because you’ve made all these new IRL friends.

You’re able to create a brand new environment that supports your sobriety.

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All this is 100% possible for you inside Sober Space


Connect locally with likeminded sober people

With your location automatically being set in the app, our connection page will only show others in your area. On top of that you’ll be able to see right away who has the same interests as you which you can then use as a conversation opener!


Explore events and activities in your city

Our explore section is curated to help you easily find things to do and new places to try by making it super filterable by tags. If you find something you want to try but don’t want to go alone, you can send it right to a Sober Space connection.

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Process your sobriety
with mindful daily check-ins

Whether you want to start your day with some mindfulness, have a mid-day check-in, or end your night off with a reflection, our daily check-in section will be there for you. You’ll be able to assess your energy, reflect with a journal prompt, and read a motivational quote to add some positivity to your day.

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What our community is saying about the app...

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Is this app just for women?

We are for women but also those that identify as femme and non-binary. We have a few pronouns to choose from, She/Her, She/They, They/Them.

Why isn’t there much in my city?

We are currently a small team working hard on gathering stuff for each city, if you would like to request more stuff in your city you can send us an email.

Can people who aren’t 100% sober use the app?

Absolutely! We support all recovery pathways as well as those who are just curious about the sober lifestyle.

Why aren’t men allowed to use the app?

We created Sober Space to give a safe place for femmes, non-binary folks, and women to connect. Some people in the community are sexual abuse survivors and aren’t comfortable being in a space with men which is part of the reason why we chose to make it just for this group of individuals.