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Four Places in Seattle to Grab an AF Drink

The personality of this moody spot brings you back to a halcyon age. They call it nostalgia with a twist. Infatuation called the atmosphere “whimsical space-galaxy-jungle-grotto surroundings” make it feel like “a hazy movie mashup of Jurassic Park, Alien, and Xanadu in the best way possible.” There are several spaces, including the don’t-miss hallway filled with disco balls and, a hanging garden brunch area, where they hold a drag brunch every weekend. Oh yes, it also serves the best chicken in waffles in the entire universe.

What To Expect: They offer Athletic NA beer, three NA cocktails, and ginger beer. If you plan on attending a drag brunch, note that the show is 18+ only.

This trendy gem is a vinyl-album focused bar in Capitol Hill. What also sets it apart is that it serves only plant-based food. There’s brunch on weekends too. You can lounge while you sip your drink, shop for records, or try out the tasty dishes. The overall vibe is casual comfortable, like a friend’s cushy living room space. The have a Vinyl Club you can join if you’re into it.

What To Expect: There’s a low to no-proof drink menu, and Athletic Brewing non-alcoholic beer is available. Life on Mars is located in the Pike Motorworks apartment building.

Modern Mexican food influenced by the northwest is the focus at Barrio Kitchen & Agave Bar. The emphasis is on fresh, seasonal ingredients and most all ingredients are prepared on-site, from the fresh tomato salsas to our handmade tortillas and slow-smoked pork. You’ll enjoy this against a backdrop of great décor and ambiance, including an entire wall of flickering candles.

What To Expect: They have no-booze cocktails and Estrella Galicia NA beer.

mbar is a stylish rooftop restaurant and bar that makes the most of spectacular views through the huge glasss windows. The place is seriously stylish with a minimalist sensibility. It calls itself “a viable modern alternative to traditional high-end fine dining and offers up levantine cuisine. Across the board, reviewers call this a great place to go with a group of friends or on a date.

The gorgeous terrace features fire pits in the seating area for cold evenings/nights.

What To Expect: MBAR has an NA cocktail list, Athletic Brewing NA IPA and Vinada NA sparkling rose. Reservations are recommended and the last seating is 2 hours before closing.

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