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Moody NYC Spots for NA Drinks

Moody, low-lit and intimate, the McKittrick Hotel Music venue and cocktail bar is a great date night spot. It has a jazzy, 1920s theme going on. It’s also a great location for theatre lovers. The bar features live acts, ranging from singers to jazz combos. The bar is also the last stop on the circuit for those attending the Sleep No More interactive theater performance.

What to expect: They offer a non-alcoholic cocktail on their menu and Clausthaler NA beer. Check the website for upcoming acts!

The Clover Club is a Brooklyn neighborhood institution, known for its Prohibition Era brand of decor and drinks. It’s also destination cocktail bar that is named after a famous group of Philadelphia journalists who liked to eat drink and be merry in the late 1800′s. Brooklyn’s relaxed, yet crackling, energy is the perfect backdrop for this spot that serves up superb cocktails, great food and a low-key atmosphere. Sometimes there’s live jazz too.

What to expect: They have a low-to-no-proof drink list. Also be sure to check out the fireplace in the back room.

This Brooklyn bar and restaurant has been called “aesthetically and energetically pleasing.” The entire space is done in a sultry style that blends 1920s Shanghai with New York glam-rock for a cool and eclectic mix. In the back, there’s an intimate music venue that has tapas, live music, DJ events, burlesque and more. Often, there’s something going on in the back room that is totally different from speakeasy vibe in the front bar.

What to expect: They have two NA cocktails, Bitburger NA Beer & Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher. The food is great too! Be sure to check the bar’s event page for the entertainment schedule.

The Flatiron Room is a world-famous destination for foodies and for your alcohol-drinking friends who are whiskey enthusiasts. It’s also home to live jazz and a warm, relaxed atmosphere. This classy spot in Murray Hill has a supper-club style that feels like time passed it by. Vintage Italian wallpaper and a chandelier that once hung in the Smithsonian create the old-school vibe. The velvet-curtained doesn’t hurt either.

What to Expect: They have two NA cocktails. There’s live music nightly and never a cover charge. Reservations are recommended. A second location is in NoMad at West 26th St

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